Greg’s Gremlin Garage

This is my Overwatch home away from home. If you’d like to take lessons in either English, or Japanese, while playing Overwatch, please contact me. I’m scheduling lessons for new students at the moment, and preparing to start an open language classroom, through Twitch and Google Classroom.

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If you’re ready to start elevating your language game beyond your Overwatch game, I think we can help each other out.

First lessons are always free! (Tips appreciated through donation button on twitch).


I’m usually a loner, but I do enjoy some Jolly Cooperation once in awhile. If you’re a mercy main, looking to get carried, maybe find a pharah, but if you want to have some fun, add me and let’s get to work. Aiming to join the top 30% of players before I hit thirty years old. Only Crohn’s disease and an empty wallet will stop me.


Currently, In competitive, I’m ranked just under 1500. Nothing impressive. But, I’m actively searching for a group of skilled players to play in an amateur league with.

Never Gutless on Youtube.

I’m a youtuber, but only casually. I generally just post Play of The Game shorts; once in a long while I’ll post up a full play video. I very rarely play anything but D.Va.

I stream on Twitch, but not regularly, because I’m attempting to work for a living.


Looking to Play Overwatch with Adults 21+ Beer, Pizza, Video Games.